My Paper Storage

Hello Everyone! Today I’m just doing a quick post about how I store my 12 x 12 paper. I use a plastic 12×12 filing box and these thicker plastic envelopes. I purchased both at Hobby Lobby. The 12×12 paper holders come in a 3 pack and are wonderful. They hold all the paper in the middle and the scraps can go in the front and the back. For my solid card stock I have 30 of the pockets and i put 2 colors back to back in each with their cordinating scraps on either side. Thanks for looking!


5 Thoughts on “My Paper Storage

  1. Hi Jennifer!

    I think these look like they might be super handy, but I can’t read what you have typed in there! The font is too small!! Did you make these? buy them? If so, where?

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  3. I love the photos! I like how neat and organize you are and it reflects in your blog. :)

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